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Food distribution is composed of multiple organizations, companies, and programs that collect food from producers, then store it in warehouses, and finally distribute the food to the restaurant, grocery store, manufactures, cafeterias, etc. 

Foodservice distribution helps and facilitates the food’s delivery process. We provide products to grocery stores, food and beverage managers, chefs, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, and many more. A lot of times, distributors purchase products directly from the manufacturer and sell directly to food distributors.

Food distributor’s products might also include things that help with food consumption, such as cups, plates, napkins, and utensils. 

How Does Food Distribution Work?

Typically, food distributors transport and store food and products as it travels to foodservice operators. Some distributors are experts in certain food products such as meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Also, some distributors might work for a specific food manufacturer. 

Some food distributors use warehouses or storage facilities to store food for a short amount of time. On the other hand, some may only use refrigerated trucks to transport food directly to the foodservice operator. It all depends on the timeframe and the kind of food being distributed.

Food Distribution Service Duties

Some of the daily basis duties, tasks, and responsibilities for a foodservice distributor are:

  • Create a food distribution list and inspect all food items.
  • Load and transport different food products and supplies from the kitchen to clients’ locations.
  • Update and maintain the company database for all clients.
  • Handle and deliver all food products to designated clients correctly and in time.
  • Contact clients and conduct post-delivery follow-up professionally and effectively.
  • Operate, clean, and maintain all assigned types of equipment and transportations, properly.
  • Receive and move all client-returned items back to appropriate storage areas.
  • Travel to different retail locations and solicit new business opportunities.
  • Label and store all incoming supplies in a careful way.

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